Organically Monetize You!
Build Your Health & Wellness Business Empire in Only 12 Weeks
(even if you’re brand new to the industry, don’t fully grasp tech, and are super busy jugglin’ your home life or full-time job!) 
In 12 short weeks, I’ll show you how to save time, earn the incredible income you deserve, and create a thriving business you love - without feeling overwhelmed or confused. 
Enrollment closes in...
You have the certification to prove you know your stuff, 
you’ve got the fire and drive to impact the world, 
you know your purpose - 
you’ve answered the call, and you want so badly to be able to...
  •  Help as many people live their best lives and experience better health and wellness!
  •  Attract your IDEAL clients and help the people you’re meant to serve!
  •  Rock the online world with a kick-ass social media presence and a constantly growing following!
  •  Convert your followers and email subscribers into high-paying clients!
  •  Stand out from the crowd with your unique brand and voice! 
  •  Find a balance between the work you love and the life you want to live!
  •  Own a consistently growing and thriving business AND enjoy the income to match!

You’ve got a STRIKING vision for your coaching business.  

But, it hasn’t been an easy road so far, has it? And, you sure as heck didn’t learn how to build a thriving online or in-person health and wellness business in nutrition school. Did ya?
Truth is, you’re faced with a ridiculous number of challenges, including…
  •  Working ‘round the clock generating content, updating social media, and trying to build your visibility, but it’s just not working!
  •  The books, webinars, and the classes - you’re overloaded with information and NONE of it is working. You’re frustrated!  
  •  You just don’t know how to reach your ideal clients even though you know how to help them and you KNOW you're an excellent coach! Your attempts at marketing aren’t working, and you’re not sure what you’re doing wrong!
  •  You’re COMPLETELY overwhelmed and stressed out! Nothing you learned when you were getting your certifications prepared you to honestly run a successful business!
Let’s talk facts - the Health & Wellness industry reels in over 500+ billion dollars, and it isn’t shrinking down anytime soon - in fact, it’s on FIRE and growing full-speed. The potential for you to make a heck of a lot of cha-ching is REAL.

But… It’s also one of the hardest industries to stand out in.
This is where OM UNIVERSITY comes in…
It’s time to step out of the shadows, rise above the crowd, and carpe that diem baby!
What’s uppppppp, I’m Yuliya and I’m the real-deal, here to help you CRUSH it in your health coaching business, create a stand-out brand, and help you change lives... 
without any gimmicks or fad-business-building junk.
Look, at this point in my career, I’m rocking’ a six-figure income and have helped hundreds of health and wellness coaches create success on their terms. But - my business hasn’t always been smooth sailing. I made mistakes and had to work my tail off.  

The good news is - EVERYTHING I learned is now packed into OM UNIVERSITY and here for you to soak up without paying out thousands of dollars and wasting hundreds of hours to absorb it all.

I'm going to tell you right now, I have been where you are, struggling to get to the TOP. 

I'm going to tell you right now, I have been where you are, struggling to get to the TOP.  
... And it SUCKED.  
My first year as a coach, I STRUGGLED.  

See, I had ALL the education and qualifications:
  •  Bachelor’s Degrees in Cognitive Science, Philosophy, and Mathematics from Rutgers University
  •  Participation Ph.D. program at UC Merced in Cognitive Science and am working through the Master’s Program at Teachers College of Columbia University in Cognitive Science in Education
  •  Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certification in Plant-Based Nutrition
  •  RYT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher 
  •  Energy Healer - Reiki Levels I & II
  •  PLUS, I had years of sales experience! I kicked ass for an MLM and made it to the top 0.1% of the company in three months!
Yeah, I had ALL the qualifications to ROCK my health coaching business.  
Only, I didn’t.
See, everything I learned in school taught me how to coach and improve my clients’ lives, which is awesome. I LOVED helping people heal and seeing them embrace wellness and living life to the fullest! The problem was, all my education didn't teach me how to reach clients, bring them into my sales funnel, and create programs that would streamline my work process while generating an impressive income.

I had to learn all that as I went.

So, I KNOW where you are at, and I don’t want you to waste any more time spinning your wheels, wondering how to grow your business, and wondering why you thought you could do this in the first place.

I grew my business through a LOT of work, a LOT of trial and error, and I built a system that WORKS. Now, I want to share it with you. It's not a get-rich-quick scheme, it's not "Make a million dollars overnight!" and it's not easy.
I know you're not afraid of work, and that's good because if you WORK and follow MY MONETIZING SYSTEM, you’re going to gw a thriving, successful online business that you will LOVE - on your terms.

Yuliya has been an integral part of my success.

I have a Facebook group of over a thousand amazing entrepreneurs, I’m making consistent income, and I feel like I have a dang strategy in place! I’ve worked with Yuliya on collaborations and so impressed with the crazy amount of value she delivers! She is one of the top reasons WHY I am so successful!

I also went through her OM University and I can tell you hands down it’s one of the best business courses out there (and I’ve taken a lot!). If you’re serious about making your business work I highly recommend OM and Yuliya!
I wish I had Yuliya and OM when I first got started as it would have shortened my learning curve by 1000%!

- Crystal Dawn Johnson, Sales Coach For Entrepreneurs

5 icky ways that kaka-heads are trying to take advantage of the 
health & wellness industry:
  •  The Health Coach Certification Programs.
  • Health coaching certification programs that are charging you THOUSANDS of dollars, but leaving you high and dry when it comes to business acumen. You may leave with a fancy pants certification, but do you know how to stand out in the market, brand yourself, and consistently book clients? Fancy pants are nice, but not if you can’t afford them!
  •  The Money Gurus.
  • Coaches who charge the price of a brand new Honda Civic, only to tell you that you need to vision board and raise your prices in order to attract clients. And if you don’t make 15K in your first month as a coach, then you are a money-blocked poo-poo pants who will never make it. Newsflash: that’s not the way the cookie crumbles. 
  •  Give me 10k, and Get Rich Quick.
  • "Want to make 20k in your first month in business? Awesome, just give me 10k, and I’ll give you this strategy that either feels icky or won't work for you. And if it doesn't work for you, then it's because you're a piece of kaka." - Millionaire Kakahead (Spoiler alert: There is no overnight success formula.)
  •  The Multi-Level-Dream Sellers.
  • MLM & Network marketing pros, who promise you that if you sell a few shakes or fancy saran wraps a month, spam Instagram, and work only 1 hour a week, you will become a badass millionaire playboy with a pimped out Rolls Royce in only 3 months. I’d like to quote my friend Britney Spears and say “You want a Maserati? You gotta work bitch”. I worked for an MLM, got highest ranks, and all I got was this Maserati Hat.
  •  The Certification Connoisseur
  • Buy this certification… and you’ll have clients flocking to your door. If you pay an extra 2 grand and get this extra fancy certification, and you’ll get even more clients! Still not getting clients? Just give me 10k, and I’ll give you this super duper fancy certification that was written by little baby unicorns. Reality check: certifications don’t attract clients, people do.
You’re probably asking yourself, “How is this course different than the books, the webinars, the classes I’ve already done? What are the benefits of OM UNIVERSITY?”
This course provides EVERYTHING you need to build a thriving online business from ROCK BOTTOM!  

No get-rich-quick schemes, no bullsh*t gimmicks.

This is an ACTION-BASED course that helps you apply everything you learn to create your business empire.  

You’ll learn how to:
  •  Build your online business using foundations and strategies that really work. Just like building a house, you HAVE to have a solid foundation to grow and expand. 
  •  Find and market to your IDEAL client demographic and create a niche that sets your business apart from the rest of them.
  •  Create and sell a premium coaching package to best benefit your clients and generate incredible income.
  •  Rock lead magnets that people WANT and will flock to sign up for.
  •  Transform your mindset and reset your confidence to be the kick-ass, fire-storm CEO of YOUR growing business. (See it, then BE it!)
  •  Increase your efficiency and productivity ten-fold without keeping yourself chained to your desk. 
  •  Effectively market your brand and offers until everybody knows your name. Do you want a ton of engaged social media followers? A growing email subscriber list? Converting your crowd to paying clients? Let’s run this ish’.
I’m going to show you how to do ALL this and THEN SOME, SWEET THANG!
I’m going to tell you again because I want you to remember that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme or “Become a millionaire by next Thursday!” gimmick. 
 Remember, NO GIMMICKS.  

No, this is a 12-week investment that dives deep into creating a strong foundation for your business and teaches you EVERYTHING you need to cultivate your business.  

You get eight weeks of modules followed by four weeks of ACTION that pairs your unique voice and strengths with a system and tools that are proven to help you succeed!

Get ready to WORK IT GIRL, and when it’s done - get ready to KICKASS and take names - and by names, I mean NEW CLIENTS!

Module 1
Set Yourself Up For Success
This module is ALL about getting in the right mindset to be successful. You got to think like a CEO to be a CEO, right? We are also going to work on creating a crystal clear vision of what you want out of your business and start setting goals to reach that vision!
Module 2
The Riches are in the Niches
While a lot of marketing "geniuses" may say to try and please everyone, that's just not going to work in this business. To stand out, you got to focus on who you want to work with. Once you have your ideal client, you're going to use a research-based methodology to get to know them and how to reach them. This is where having your authentic voice comes through so you can best speak to your ideal client!
Module 3
From Bland to Brand
This module is designed to take you from generic, boring marketing to creating a brand that genuinely reflects YOU. Remember, YOU ARE YOUR BRAND. The more of your personality and authenticity that comes through, the more your name will stand out in a full sea of coaches. YOU are your business, and your brand is a reflection of YOU! 
Module 4
Magnetic Content
The only way clients will know you is through the content you create. This module's lessons are all about how to create valuable content that speaks to readers. If people love what they are reading, they'll become PAYING CLIENTS! We are also going to dive into creating a content strategy, so you're not tied to your laptop for hours at a time!
Module 5
Let’s Get Visible, VISIBLE, VISIBLE!
If no one sees you, no one will reach out to you, so this week, we are focusing on getting you noticed and creating a big impact online! You're going to learn how to cultivate a social media presence that the Kardashians will envy and learn how to engage with people across different social media platforms.  
Module 6
Out of This World Offerings
Once you have people following you on social media, you have to have something to offer them. This week focuses on creating hot intro offers to create raving fans and funnel them into your "Money Maker," your POWERHOUSE signature program that is going to help your clients transform their lives while changing your business. I'm going to show you how to create ALL of these incredible offerings! 
Module 7
That List Tho.'
Email subscribers are more likely to convert into paying clients, so having a large list of subscribers is NECESSARY for a successful coaching business. Your subscribers will be the first to hear about excellent deals, new programs, and other news from your business. So, we're going to focus on creating opt-ins to offer new subscribers and how to convert them!
Module 8
Feel-Good Sales
The final module is all about how to feel GOOD about what you’re doing. This is NOT about being a slick “used car salesman,” you’re going to learn how to sell AUTHENTICALLY. You’ll learn how to work your discovery calls like a pro and have confidence in your skills and your programs. PLUS, we’re going to work on my sales script that has a close rate of 70%! Get my EXACT script that gives me over an 80% close rate -compared to the 10% industry standard!
Here’s how we’re going to play… 
The modules roll out from October 30th to the end of December, so the final four weeks of the course are going to be in January. 

 Listen, January is THE big-time part of the year for health and wellness, so everything you learn in the modules, you’re putting into practice for the last four weeks!  It will be four weeks of pure implementation and accountability (and celebration of course)!
OM UNIVERSITY comes with every resource you need to learn how to build a thriving coaching business.  
You’re going to get:
  •  Power-packed workbooks that align with each module to help you turn strategy into action! By Module 8, you’ll be crafting your own client-attracting sales page.
  •  Supportive weekly group coaching calls - we’re going to go over what you learn, how to apply the info, and we can do a group Q&A session! Each call is 60-90 minutes and is an excellent combination of support and education. 
  •  Worksheets, templates, and guides to support your knowledge - the kind that are not boring and are 100% designed to help you GROW, EXPAND, AND KILL IT.
  •  Access to our exclusive private Facebook part-ay (ok, I mean group) - Not only will I be there offering support and feedback, but you’ll also get awesome peer support and encouragement from people who are where you are or have been in your shoes!
  •  Your own accountability buddy! That’s right you get a business-bestie to help support you throughout the entire 12 weeks (and beyond if you guys hit it off)! 
But wait, there’s more. 
Bonuses ALERT!
I want to make sure that I am providing you with all the tools you need to succeed. That’s why I’m adding four awesome bonus mini-classes to take your knowledge to the next level. Use these bonuses to be an even better coach, offer more to your clients, and improve your visibility!

Say hello to my power-packed friends...

Bonus #1: Live Legal Q&A 

Owning and operating your own business can be tricky, but this bonus LIVE Q&A session explains the legal issues that pertain to health coaching businesses. From marketing law to liability, you’ll get the information you need to keep your business on the up-and-up. Learn how to legally cover your booty (so you can avoid fines, lawsuits, client disagreements, and more) ​with Lawyer for Health & Wellness Coaches , Lisa Fraley of 
Value: $250

Bonus #2: FB Ads On FIRE

With over 70 million users, Facebook is a huge market. Facebook Ads are often inexpensive AND effective, but only when done right. With this bonus LIVE training, you’ll learn how to create and post effective FB Ads to reach more people and get more clients (and spend less moolah) with Marketing & Launch Strategist, Kate Boyd, of
Value: $250

Bonus #3: How To Create Business Cinema

Video is such a powerful tool for health coaches, but so many coaches struggle with it! From fun social media posts to informative webinars and YouTube videos, videos are a way for people to get to know you and hear your message more personally. This LIVE training teaches you how to leverage video content, show your real personality, and have fun making videos that clients and social media followers will love with Holly Gillen, the creator of Business Cinema at
Value: $250

Bonus #4: Master Your Intuition

Learn how to connect with your intuition to help guide your business so that you become an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. Get ready to have your life changed during this LIVE class with Intuition Specialist, Terri-Lynn Decker from Energy Shift.
Value: $250

Bonus #5: Writing Smart Copy That Converts

You have an amazing story - but do you know how to write in a way that not only attracts an audience, but also converts them into paying clients? Learn how to create copy that converts in this copywriting class with Word Slayer Michelle Wisdom-Ellis of Michelle's words have generated multiple six figures in revenue -- you don't want to miss this. From blog posts to emails, a lot of your marketing will involve crafting copy. With this bonus, you’ll learn my favorite tips and tricks to write quickly and efficiently and reach out to more people. Go beyond fluff and learn how to write blogs and posts that hold real value to your readers and followers. Plus, you’ll be writing copy that is perfect for your search engine optimization! 
Value: $250

Bonus #6: Build a Brand That Inspires

More than just a brand and a logo, your brand is YOU as a business. Learn how to create a brand that has the traits your ideal client is seeking! Put it this way, it costs $2500 just to get a logo from Nicte. This girl is a MASTER of branding and has gained tons of publicity for her powerful design. Learn the ins and outs of how to create a brand that shines with PURPOSE (not just cute colors put together) with Adobe Spark Featured Branding and Graphic Design Expert Nicte Cuevas of
Value: $250

Bonus #7: Facebook Group Mastery For Health & Wellness Coaches

Leverage existing Facebook groups to expand your audience and boost your income. Learn how to create your own Facebook Group to nurture your potential clients, gain visibility, and stand out as an industry expert. Say helloooooo to your brand-new community of raving fans (and buyers).
Value: $197

I can tell you right now that this monetizing system works. If you’re willing to follow the course and put the work in, you will see a complete transformation in your business.

However, if you feel this course isn’t for you, if you aren’t ready to expand your business, I understand! I offer a 14-Day money-back guarantee because I believe in this course THAT much. If, after two weeks of the course, just show me your completed workbooks, and I’ll refund the cost of OM UNIVERSITY. That’s just how I roll.

When you join OM UNIVERSITY, you are going to walk away…
  •  Knowing how to create lean, valuable content that readers will LOVE
  •  Define your niche and learn how to market directly to your ideal client
  •  Owning the secrets to an enormous email subscriber list and tons of social media followers 
  •  Feeling confident, secure, and ready to make your brand known 
  •  Booking more appointments and having more paying clients
  •  With a money-making premium program ready to roll
  •  Rocking the business that you dreamed of having
  •  Helping more clients reach their health and wellness goals
  •  Having a blast earning an impressive INCOME, and living life to the fullest!
If you stay stuck in fear and don't take advantage of this incredible course, you will remain right where you are...
  •  Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated
  •  Wondering what other coaches are doing to have SO many social media followers 
  •  Wondering if you made a mistake
  •  Spinning your wheels, spending all your time working and not seeing a payoff
  •  Spending every minute tied to your laptop trying to generate content 
  •  Missing out on a high income and time with your family and loved ones
  •  Trying to rely on the same webinars and gurus that haven’t helped
It’s time to try a new method!  
I can tell you all day long how awesome OM UNIVERSITY is. 

But, why don’t you take it from some coaches who have been where you are and were able to level up their online coaching business after taking the course?

OM U has been the best decision in my health coaching career!

When I started I had barely finished my certification and was having trouble finding unpaid practice clients, apparently stalking people on Instagram is not the most effective way to appear credible. Since starting OM U I have been able to narrow down a specific and unique audience, create and grow an email list, create engaging content, position myself as an expert and put myself in front of people that actually want my services. In addition to invaluable course content, master classes and workbooks, Yuli has a gift for seeing through people's resistance and finding the mindset blocks that are preventing them from making progress in their business & personal growth. I seriously can't believe it's over already!!! 

- Sarah Riley, Health Coach,

OM U has really taken my health coaching business to another level. 

Before taking the course I was disorganized and not making the best use of my time. Working with Yuliyah has enabled me to become laser-focused. I've been able to narrow down my niche and target audience even further, and create high-value coaching programs that will attract my ideal client. I'm also much clearer on my social media strategy to become more visible and put my programs in front of the right people. That doesn't even begin to cover how much more material is included in OMU, it is definitely well the worth the price and then some!

- Wendy Neal, Health Coach & Web Designer,

If you are looking to stand out from the sea of health coaches and create a thriving business for yourself, you don't want to pass this up. 

Yuliya truly knows, lives and breathes all there is to know about health and wellness coaching and how to build the most profitable wellness business without creating a 24/7 job for yourself. Yuliya is intuitive and coaches each student not only with the best personalized advice, but guides each of us to find that answer on our own so that it stays with us. If you are looking to stand out from the sea of health coaches and create a thriving business for yourself, you don't want to pass this up. The course is easily worth double the price, so take it now before Yuliya realizes that lol!

- Faigy Joseph, Health Coach,
Bethany Stec Janicek, LoveChard.Com
Lauren Stewart,
Alison Hewitt,
So, what’s it going to cost?
As an OM University student (aka an #omie) you get:
  •  8 Modules covering EVERYTHING you need to build your wellness empire (Value $4,666)
  •  *Actionable* Workbooks for Every Module (Value $1,200)
  •  Weekly Group Coaching Calls + Hot Seats (Value $7,000)
  •  Private Facebook Group Support (Value $500)
  •  All of the 7 Wicked Bonuses (Value $1,697)
But you pay just $1,600 when you pay in full OR make 12 payments of $152.  
Plus, I’m not done with the bonuses just YET. 
When you pay in full, you’ll also get a private 45-minute power session (Value $583) with me to individually coach you out of where you are most struggling in your business. 
Remember if, after 14 days, you don’t like the program or feel it isn’t working for you, there is a money-back guarantee!
Got Questions?
When does OM UNIVERSITY start and what is the structure of the program?
The program starts October 30th and runs for 12 weeks, through January 31st. Every week you receive a module with videos and assignments. In addition to that, we have a weekly group coaching call that typically runs for 60-90 minutes. PLUS tons of bonus masterclasses!

When do the doors open to sign up?
Doors open up on October 16th and close on October 27th!

Will this work for me if I’ve already had some clients?
Absolutely! OM UNIVERSITY will help you get the system in place to reach more people and know how to market to your niche so you can help even more people while minimizing your time!

I haven’t made any money in my business yet. Should I wait until I get a few clients before I enroll? Maybe next time?
No, the time to invest in your business is now. By plugging into a system that will help you attract and book clients will only benefit you. You have to have the system in place to book the clients, not booking the clients then putting the system in place. Why wait? If you don't do this and keep doing what you're doing, what will your business look like six months from now?

I haven’t finished my certification program - is this course right for me?
Definitely! Most health coaching certification programs don't provide you with the tactical business knowledge that you need to actually monetize your business. That's where OM UNIVERSITY comes in.

How quickly will I book clients?
That depends on you! Fast action takers tend to see more rapid results, and slower action takers tend to see more delayed results. At the end of the day, your income depends on your action. Only investing in yourself doesn't guarantee results, taking action does.

What is the weekly time commitment?
There is a weekly group coaching call that lasts 60-90 minutes. Once everyone is in the group, we will vote on a time that is convenient for everyone (or as many people as possible). The modules have 60 minutes or less of content. Specific assignments take longer (like when we're building your opt-in or designing your signature offer), other assignments take less. I try my best to give you a heads up of how much time you need per module. However, everyone's speed of execution varies.

Can I do the course if I don’t have a health/wellness certification?
Legally, you do not need to have a health coaching certificate to practice as long as you have all of the right disclaimers in place (More about legal stuff in the bonus LEGAL 101). That being said, the purpose of this course is to teach you business, marketing, and sales around health coaching (whether you have a degree or not), not the coaching itself.

I have an MLM business - is this course right for me?
If you want to have a sustainable, authentic MLM business, then yes. The truth is YOU are your brand, not the product you’re selling. This course teaches you how to create that brand and attract your perfect clients.

I’m in a field outside of health/wellness - is this course right for me?
While the course is designed for health & wellness coaches, any service-based online business (life coaching, mindset coaching, etc.) can benefit from taking this course.

What happens when I sign up?
You will receive a welcome email with a syllabus, calendar of events, and an onboarding questionnaire. On October 30th, you will be given your log-in for the course portal so you can start diving into the content, and you will also be added to the private Facebook Group.

Do you have a refund policy?
You have a full 14 days to try out the course. That's 2 group coaching calls and two modules. If you end up finding the course isn't a good fit, just shoot me an email with your completed work, and I will give you a full refund. Risk-free!

How long do I have access to everything?
You have lifetime access to the content. That means even when I tweak and update the content (which I always do), you will always have access!

Yuli, you're really cool and all... But I'm really busy right now. Maybe I'll sign up for the next round?
There is never a good time to have your business baby. Things will always be coming up! 

The only way to succeed in business is to schedule it in and take action. The group setting is INCREDIBLE for really holding you accountable (plus it's fun because you're not doing it alone). Plus you know exactly what you need to do each week in order to get results.

This course only launches twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. And next round (Spring 18) will have a price increase. So if you're considering it, I'd recommend joining us now!

CEO's don't wait for the moment to be perfect, they take the moment and MAKE it perfect. 

How do you say your name? Where are you from? How long did it take you to learn how to spell your last name?
1. You-lee-yah Chur-nuh-hov-ska-ya
2. Russia (moved to the US with my family when I was 5)
3. A few months in kindergarten :)

Yuli- I'm on the fence. Should I do it?
I'm going to let the grads answer this one… 

The quality was truly wonderful and gave really great return on investment!

Yuli and OM U opened my eyes and my imagination to what I could have with my business! Yuli gives really valuable insight and practical steps and strategies to her "Omies". The personal accountability and encouraging community made this not only a great investment in my business, but a fantastic investment in my personal growth!

- Tamara Robbins, Health & Life Coach,

I made back my investment x5 and then some all within the time I went through the program.

OM U is the perfect program for coaches just starting out. If you're overwhelmed with where to go and how to stand out in the online world, Yuli will get you where you need to go in no time. The group calls and the support from the private group is priceless. I made so many friends and feel more confident in my business now than I did even a year ago. Once you join OM U it won't take long at all to see massive change. I made back my investment x5 and then some all within the time I went through the program. If you've been waiting for the "right" time to start your business and show up as the badass coach you are, don't hesitate with OM U. Yuli is AMAZEBALLS, hilarious, supportive, and will take you to the next level no matter where you are.

- Sarah Steckler, Self-Care & Productivity Coach,

Because the modules were so focused and clear I was able to tune out so much of the noise around me and confidently take action on things that I knew would move my business forward.

After going through OM University I feel much more focused and confident in the shape that my business is taking and I can see the steps that I am going to follow to build that following and grow my list. And because of OM University I know even more clearly who I am speaking to and what I am helping them to achieve. Because the modules were so focused and clear I was able to tune out so much of the noise around me and confidently take action on things that I knew would move my business forward.

- Nichelle Artin, Wellness Coach,

Mindset and confidence are at an all time high!

Before OM U I had no clue where to start, what to have in place, what to do basically at all to get clients. Now I have the tools and information needed to put myself out there and engage with people and actually begin seeing clients. Mindset and confidence are at an all time high! I am so excited to start getting everything in place and start working with people. I can't thank Yuli enough for OM U!

- Holley Gruenwald, Wellness Coach,

Joining OM U was the push I NEEDED to actually start seeing results, booking calls with clients, and feeling confident that I could make. it. happen!

Before OM U, I was finishing up a health coaching certification program that didn't really prepare me for working with my niche or my clients. I was feeling pretty lost and defeated, not sure what direction I wanted to take my business in - or how to get started. I was a few weeks away from throwing in the towel completely. Joining OM U was the push I NEEDED to actually start seeing results, booking calls with clients, and feeling confident that I could make. it. happen! Everything in the course is set up to get you started right away. Plus, the 1x1 support from Yuli and from the other amazing women in the course was invaluable; I feel so much love just thinking about it!! If you're ready to start taking ACTION towards your dream career with the most amazing coach and the support of others in your shoes, join OM U!! Do it! Your future self will thank you! <3

- Lauren Stewart, Wellness Coach,

OM U is the fast track way to generating real clients for your health and wellness coaching practice.

Yuliya cuts out all of the guesswork to give you clarity about who you are, what you do, and how you'll truly serve clients that you love working with. Unlike most online courses that are designed by people that have never gotten the result they are selling, it's clear from the very first module that Yuliya built this product from first-hand experience and the thousands of hours she's spent getting helping other coaches reach their goals.
I highly recommend Yuliya's OMU to any coach that's ready to get serious about their coaching practice.

- Ben Kissam, Personal Achievement Coaching,
Nadia Castonguay,
Suzz Adhikari,
If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.
 Please feel free to shoot me a message
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Xo Yuli
2017 Organic Coaching Collective